SG Construction extends its distribution and sales force within Germany with great vigor. This comes at the right moment because a new product is in high demand: The self-adhesive sealing sheet named NovoProof®DA-SK. It is yet another high-performance EPDM rubber product of the sealing solution family with a focus on roofs, facades, ponds and special sealing systems that puts SG Construction on the map as product and service provider.

The story behind the success

The self-adhesive sheets easily manage the sealing of all flat roofs based on wooden, concrete or corrugated sheets. These properties make it the ideal fit for new buildings as well as refurbishments that need for instance additional thermal insulation. The product is particularly suitable for special roof types such as barrel, shed and pent roofs.

Roofers love the product for its easy servicing and high-end durability. It is also favored by many architects and developers for its cost efficiency due to its easy service, extreme longevity and adaptability to all kinds of creative and functional architectures.
SG corporate communication:
Copy: Matthias Held, mapmovingstory GmbH
Photos: Dawin Meckel,Ostkreuz