At the 27th "TOP 100" competition, our team in Siersburg scored particularly well in the category "Innovative Processes and Organization". A total of 364 companies took part in the scientific selection process this year. Well-known mentor of the event: business journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. SaarGummi Neo was founded in 2016 as a self-sufficient business unit within the SaarGummi Group; the "innovation platform" covers the four subject areas of material, product and process innovation as well as digitisation.

Managing Director Sven Müller sees himself and his team as "early adopters". All process innovations which SaarGummi Neo successfully develops are then available to all our locations worldwide. The development of the data glasses, which enable visual and acoustic communication in real time between our plants across time zones, has made a significant contribution to the "Top 100" award. We are very pleased to receive this award for our think tank and wish them continued success! 

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