Nomination by the VW Fast program

SG Neo was nominated through the VW FAST program to provide strategic innovation for future electrical car models. FAST is the approach of the Volkswagen Group to intensify collaboration with its most important suppliers. The FAST program aims at shaping the mobility of the present and the future, and thus contains new possibilities to intensify and optimize the collaboration between the Volkswagen Group and its suppliers. SG Neo is in line with industry 4.0 demands that identify a combination of continuous improvements of existing products and services through innovative solutions stemming from new technologies. This engagement resulted in the nomination of becoming part of VW’s collaborative platform.

Recognition by the German Ministry of Economics

SG Neo has been recently awarded as official member of the platform Industry 4.0 by the German Ministry of Economics. This platform is intended to foster the competitiveness of Germany as a production location and to support the definition of upcoming Industry 4.0 standards. After a thorough application process that lasted for months, SaarGummi Neo and the “Augmented Reality Support Glasses” project was finally nominated. SG Neo is just one of only six companies in the state of Saarland that is listed on this platform. This will not only enhance the brand awareness for SG Neo, but also provide important network opportunities that are key for being able to innovate and explore more product and services innovations.


SG corporate communication:
Copy: Matthias Held, mapmovingstory GmbH
Photos: Dawin Meckel, Ostkreuz
Logos: BMWiF.A.S.T VW