The SaarGummi Automotive sales & marketing department developed a 3D app for its website together with mapmovingstory GmbH, a Berlin based corporate communication agency that drives innovative communication strategies. The extraordinary function of this 3D car application allows real time interaction on the SG Automotive website and visualizes SaarGummi Automotive sealing systems with a multi-channel communication application using photo, film and infographics. The successful user experience and feedback was recently extended into an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) application that will be launched in August of 2019. The idea for this concept came from the character of the sealing systems:
“Sealing systems belong to the mainly invisible car parts yet they have a great impact on how we experience a car ride. Their sophisticated engineering and tremendous influence on how we perceive a car’s value make them a truly hidden champion of the automotive world”, comments Matthias Held, director of strategy at mapmovingstory GmbH.

The VR experience illustrates the sophistication of these extensively engineered components. The VR software comes with a cutting edge roadshow setup design that supports the high-tech aspect of the displayed sealing systems. The vision of creating innovative products that are relevant to the future is reflected throughout the design of this state-of-the-art communication tool.

How does the combination of immersive and analog worlds work as a sales tool?

An external display references the VR view of the user to the sales team. The client’s immersion into the Virtual Reality world allows the sales person to bond with the client because he/she can comment the various touch points on the user’s journey such becoming a trusted tone of voice. The personalized relationship eases the transition into a sales conversation. After the VR experience the client encounters a pleasant presentation design of Automotive products that can be physically discovered. Sample pieces of SG Automotive innovations and form parts are displayed in a special table that also informs with backlit infographics about the products and services. A screen in the background displays controlled in-depth information about products, services and company information of the SaarGummi Group.

SG corporate communication:
Copy: Matthias Held, mapmovingstory GmbH
Photo VR Glass: Ken Schluchtman, diephotodesigner
Photos: Dawin Meckel, Ostkreuz