SaarGummi Ibérica was awarded with a "Certificate of Business Excellence 2019" by the British prestigious Industry Sectorial Agency Plimsoll. Plimsoll's core competence is the industry analysis and delivery of market intelligence. Plimsoll, dedicated also to the Business Intelligence rating and very reputed within Industrial Sectors in Spain, distinguished SaarGummi Ibérica for 2 success factors that back this award: Firstly, SaarGummi Ibérica was ranked 10th in 2019 out of 239 companies in the "rubber and silicone sector". The 10th place gives us a sense of pride especially when considering big size competitors Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone, etc. and the respectable size of many other rubber compounders in Spain. Secondly, in terms of annual growth in turnover, SaarGummi Ibérica was even ranked second among all Spanish companies.