Imagine if someone would say 2 years ago that luxury car manufacturers use recycled bottles or vegan leather for their interior! But this is exactly what happens now:

The manufacturers of luxury cars have set themselves the goal of an environmentally friendly image. Whether this is actually due to their insight or due to the universally demanded change is irrelevant for the ingenuity of using unusual materials. The designs are impressive and it is truly incredible what can be achieved with these sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. They perfectly replace the design and function of the parts around the car that are typically made of plastics or rubber materials. It is exactly these properties that the luxury brands use, and what makes them currently a pioneer for the entire automotive industry.

Vegans from Bentley

Bentley uses vegan leather made from grape skins, seeds and stems. The "new" veneers for the dashboard are also astonishing: they are not made from the precious wood of today, but from a fabric made from wood that was felled thousands of years ago and then preserved in moorland.

Source photo: Bentley

The Mercedes' rattan scheme

Mercedes is experimenting with materials from recycled bottles and clothing fibers to transform them into suede-like fabrics for their seats. Mercedes combines this novelty with compressed rattan that is transformed into beautiful floor mats and more interior details. 

Source Photo: Mercedes Benz

Mac Laren and the flax

Mac Laren has discovered the light and stable properties of Bcomp - a material extracted from flax which was invented by the Swiss company Bcomp. Flax is transformed into a ‘super material’ that inspires sports car makers such as Mac Laren and Porsche to use it for body parts and other secret parts of the car.

Source Photo: Mclaren

Volvo's Polestar model relies on fishing nets

Fishing nets are recycled into carpets, and Polestar is taking 3D printing technology to a new level with 3D knitted seat covers that reduce material waste to zero. Polestar's cork-based vinyl seat inserts have been responsible for eyebrow-raising worldwide.

Source Photo: Polestar